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Backyard Backup Services, LLC.

  • Serving Northern New Jersey Since 2014
  • 5 Star Rated & Reviewed
  • Licensed & Fully Insured
  • Professional Operator
  • HIC License # 13VH08487800
  • NJ DEP Certified Fertilizer Applicator # C007364
  • Local Business – Independently Owned And Operated.


Seedbed Prep & Level
Topsoil Drop & Spread
Lift & Move >1500 lbs.
Stump Grinds Min 2 Lrg.
Towed Top Dresser
Earth Drilling
Trenching & Digging
Jackhammer & Demo
Area Brush Clearing
Contract Snow Removal
Compact Loader Vs. Skid Steer

Compact Loader or Miniskid Steer?

Landscape Rake For Turf Preparation!

Articulated Compact Loaders Are Better For Residential Yards!

Our competition (Skid Steers / Bobcats) often cause damage due to their machines weight and wide tires/tracks.  These type of machines can not turn on turf without tearing and leaving gauges to repair.  Heavier machines like this can crack asphalt and warp paver stone walkways.  It’s best to avoid heavier weight or tracks when they are not needed.

  • Articulated Compact Loaders will provide similar power to attachments without the excessive turf damage.  The weight of a loader is less and the middle of our machine swivels allowing back “turf tires” to move and not tear up your grass.
  • The Vermeer ATX850 (basically same as Multione) paired with our unique ABI SR3 Landscape Rake now becomes a powerful rock lifting turf tilling combination. (see ABI Landscape Rake video)
  • Need seed?  We do that to!
  • Articulated loaders offer faster ground speed to finish the jobs quicker.
  • We offer a long telescopic arm boom to reach where other machines can’t.
  • Tight access?  Narrow gate? We provide smaller mini-skid equipment available at
  • Schedule your next job using our fast online booking system.
  • Invoices are sent via email once job is complete and they all can be paid online using any credit card.
  • Smaller commercial parking lots or retail stores (only 10 minutes around Morristown, NJ) are welcome to contact us regarding contracting winter snow removal.

Please view all the linked Youtube videos.  You will learn there’s no better man or machine available for tough residential yard tasks than our Vermeer ATX850 Articulated Compact Loader.

Demolition and Trailer/Truck Loading Made Easy With A Loader!

Vermeer ATX850 Overview

Right for my job?

Commercial Snow Blowing

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Request - An In Person Site Visit.

Request an in person site visit request!  After a quick phone conversation we travel out to Northern Jersey to customers as far as 45 min surrounding Morristown.  We typically visit customer sites on Saturday’s after 3pm.  We may come during the week after 4pm after a job or during a light rain as this would have been a lost rain day.  If you’re planning to dig trench or drill soil under 1 foot (even some big grind jobs) please have all 3 utilities marked by NJ One Call before you request a site visit.  All three utilities (Gas, Water, and Electric) must be flagged!  We need to understand what is underground and exact locations.  No exceptions made to this policy. It’s a safety precaution and insurance regulation.  It’s free the utilities pay, so please call 811 before you dig!     Thank you,  Ed Meyerhoefer,  Owner & Operator.